Student Council

What we do:

CTE has a strong and active student council. It is comprised of at least two representatives from each technical program area CTE. The full student council meets at least once per month during lunches, and smaller committee meetings occur as needed. Students who serve on student council have access to leadership roles and advocate for inclusion of student voice in decision-making as well as hosting various activities throughout the school year. Activities that the student council has hosted or sponsored in the past include: annual spirit weeks, voter registration drives, yearbook sales with profits contributed to the student scholarship fund, food drives to benefit local non-profit organizations, school community building events such as all-school assemblies and appreciation days, healthy choices education and awareness, anti-bullying campaigns and more. Students who participate are asked to keep all students in the technical program up-to-date with student council activities and initiatives.

How to get involved:

each program elects class officers and these officers are invited to participate on the student council. Students who serve on student council for one year will be invited back to serve again even if they change technical programs. If elected program officers are not active in student council, other students from those programs may be invited to participate instead. Students who are not official members may choose to help out with particular activities or make suggestions to student council. If you are interested in being a part of student council this year, you may talk with your program instructor or see Mrs. Dulleba, social studies teacher or Mrs. Crucitti, guidance counselor who serve as advisors to student council.






CTE Student Council has accomplished much and has a lot planned for the spring months. The group recently hosted a competition among CTE programs to help raise money for the Vermont Children’s Hospital through the Big Change Round Up, sponsored by FAHC and WOKO. We set a goal to raise $100, but ended up raising approximately $300. We are pleased with the participation in this challenge.

April is Prevent Child Abuse Month and we will be hosting a Penny War fundraising competition from April 7th through April 15th. We will also be selling pinwheels and pins during a couple of school lunch times during April to support this important organization.


CTE has a committee that will review data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) which is a survey from the Vermont Department of Health, given to students every two years, which asks questions related to risky behavior. In the past, students have helped to provide a youth perspective in looking at the results of this survey. Student feedback will be used to help our Administrative team best support students who are at higher risk for concerning behavior. There will be an EHS hosted YRBS Parent Dialogue Night on April 29th from 6 – 9 p.m. in the Essex High School auditorium to discuss the survey and strategies for supporting our youth. Any CTE parents or guardians who are interested in attending are welcome.

During the month of May a group of committed Student Council representatives will participate in the COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter) walk on Sunday, May 4th. This is an annual event in Burlington where groups walk three miles that follows the route that a homeless person might travel to obtain food and shelter. The goal of this event is to raise awareness of homelessness in our communities and to raise funds to help support COTS and services for Vermonters. There is also an additional anti-bullying component to the event this year for student participants, with a guest appearance from a former American Idol finalist, James Durbin. Students on the CTE team will collect pledges in addition to the walk.

CTE Student Council is collaborating with Essex High School to host a Mock Crash, an event to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving on May 16th. Several CTE members met with a local police officer to discuss the event and will also be participating as actors during the live demonstration. Student Council will host a pledge drive, asking students to commit to making good decisions and choices with regard to risky behavior, to compliment this activity.