Natural Resources & Agriscience Technology

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Program Description

nsStudents wishing to participate in the Natural Resources program at CTE are offered a unique opportunity to experience science, technology and management training in one of two pathways: Forestry & Horticulture or Mechanical & Aquaculture. In existence for over 30 years, these award winning, fast-paced programs will prepare students for employment while working in “living” laboratories.

Forestry & Horticulture

Students will develop essential employability skills related to the forestry and horticulture industries such as: training in timber management, logging, woodworking, wildlife management, surveying, soil science, greenhouse production, hydroponic vegetable production, gardening, maple syrup production, apple orchard management and landscaping. An intense and rigorous program that will prepare students if they choose a career in forestry or horticulture.

Mechanical & Aquaculture

Students in this program will get hands-on experience that involves heavy equipment operation, welding/metal fabrication, small power equipment maintenance and repair, as well as basic electrical training. In addition, students will also raise rainbow trout in our aquaculture lab. Apprenticeship positions in water technology, small engine repair and welding are available to advanced students who qualify and are selected.

Both Forestry & Mechanical

All students in Natural Resources, regardless of program pathway, will participate in food science training focused on the production and marketing aspects of apple orchards, maple syrup production and other market food products.

High School Credits

  • One Math Credit
  • One Science Credit
  • Up to four Elective Credits

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

ns2All students at the Center for Technology, Essex may seek eligibility for enrollment in a variety of college level courses offered through local colleges such as Champlain College, University of Vermont and Community College of Vermont.

Career Experiences

  • Work-based Learning
  • School-Work Cooperative Opportunities
  • Apprenticeships