Childhood Education / Human Services

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CTE is looking for preschoolers for our program for next school year.  The program is for 3-to-5-year-olds and runs Tuesday through Friday.  CTE PreSchool page.

Program Description

ceHSThe Childhood Education and Human Services Program is designed to prepare students to work with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children. Students are introduced to careers in education and instructed in the steps they need to take to pursue a teaching career. This program introduces students to elementary school math, science, reading, and social studies instruction. Students are also trained to work with people with disabilities and the elderly. In cooperation with the Community College of Vermont (CCV) students are able to earn six college credits in early childhood education while participating in this program.

CE/HS Second Year Program

The second year program is for seniors who have excelled during their junior year in the program. This is a paid, supervised work internship opportunity. Students work with a partnering employer and have curriculum specific to the childhood education and human service field. Students are expected to fulfill the planned curriculum coursework, as well as complete a college level course. Students are also required to do three rotations in school settings; one rotation in an alternative school, one rotation in an elementary school classroom, and a rotation observing elementary school math, music and art classrooms.

Dual Enrollment or Professional Certification Credentials Offered

Graduates who complete all the requirements receive a certification as an assistant teacher. Eligible students may receive credit from CCV (up to 6 credits for qualified students).

High School Credits awarded in the programceHS2

  • One Social Studies Credit
  • One English Credit
  • Up to four Elective Credits

Career Experiences

  • Work-based Learning
  • School-Work Cooperative Opportunities
  • Apprenticeships

What’s Next?

Students in this program may apply for advanced standing in the U.S Department of Labor’s Child Care Apprenticeship program or pursue a college degree in education, social work, early childhood development, psychology, or human services.