Parents Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What is Career & Technical Education?

    Career and Technical Education is a group of programs that prepares students for entry into professional level employment opportunities, typically within one to four semesters.

    Career and Technical Education….it is a model that

    • leads to a CTE endorsed diploma
    • prepares you for the world of work
    • gives you real world experience and the opportunity to have internships, job shadows, and more.

    President Obama talked about CTE in his State of the Union Address…he believes it is where America needs to be heading with our education, and so do we!

  • + Is the CTE Program only for high school students?

    Our programs are designed for a wide range of students. Our programs are not only designed for those students who want to earn a degree or certificate or who plan to transfer to a Higher Education, but also for lifelong learners and working professionals who want to update their skills.

  • + Is CTE only for students who are not College-bound?

    No. Career and Technical Education is essential for all students, providing them with a foundation of academic knowledge and essential technical skills. CTE courses and programs introduce students to career options and assist them in making informed educational choices.

  • + How does CTE prepare students for life after high school?

    Students who graduate from CTE schools have multiple options. They may choose to continue their education at colleges and universities, go directly into the workforce, select technical training programs, apprenticeships, or schools that specialize in their chosen field of interest, or some combination of all of the above.

    High quality career and technical education programs directly engage students to meet CTE graduation standards through a contextualized program of study that links rigorous academic content with industry requirements and workforce experience.

  • + Why would a student wish to enroll in a CTE?

    Students enroll in CTE because they wish to learn “hands-on” career skills while earning a Regent’s Diploma in order to prepare for college or other higher education studies. In addition to school laboratory settings, students have the opportunity to take part in internships, mentorships, job shadowing, and other industry-based, real-life experiences.

  • + Is There any Proof that CTE Works?


    • Students who take two or more CTE courses are less likely to drop out of high school.
    • High school CTE programs prepare students for the many high paying, high-tech jobs requiring less than a bachelor’s degree.
    • Students concentrating in CTE have test scores equal to those who are “college prep” students.