The Center for Technology, Essex, provides comprehensive technical programs for all students which include career exploration, preparation and technical literacy in a respectful learning environment. All students will be afforded the opportunity to acquire skills necessary to reach their individual goals.

The Center for Technology, Essex, strives to offer every student who is committed to technical education:

  • A progressive vision driven by exemplary performance reflected by its staff, curricula and learning environments.
  • Qualified and caring instructors capable of developing a student’s academic and technical knowledge and the application of these skills relevant to both employment and continuing education.
  • Opportunities to participate in leadership activities which will assist students in achieving both a sense of self-worth and community.
  • Pathways leading to further education, certifications and viable careers through active partnerships with industry.
  • A safe, positive and enriching environment within the classroom, laboratory and business community which fosters creativity, individual achievement and promotes the students’ abilities to succeed with imagination and discrimination.