Students Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What is Career & Technical Education?

    Career and Technical Education is a group of programs that prepares students for entry into professional level employment opportunities, typically within one to four semesters.

    Career and Technical Education….it is a model that

    • leads to a CTE endorsed diploma
    • prepares you for the world of work
    • gives you real world experience and the opportunity to have internships, job shadows, and more.

    President Obama talked about CTE in his State of the Union Address…he believes it is where America needs to be heading with our education, and so do we!

  • + Is the CTE Program only for high school students?

    Our programs are designed for a wide range of students. Our programs are not only designed for those students who want to earn a degree or certificate or who plan to transfer to a Higher Education, but also for lifelong learners and working professionals who want to update their skills.

  • + How to apply to CTE?

    A student interested in a particular program at CTE submits a complete application to the CTE Guidance Coordinator. Applications are accepted beginning January 1 for the following school year; the CTE application deadline is the second Friday in March. (Applications received after this date are considered on a space-available basis; summer applicants attend an orientation prior to acceptance into a program).

    A complete application includes high school academic transcript including most recent semester, high school attendance records including most recent semester, all requested signatures and information and all relevant educational information.

  • + What guidelines should students seeking a second year at CTE use?

    Step-Up Day at CTE is held in March (check web calendar for date).

    This is an important next step to determine the appropriateness of the program for the applicant. High school students will be invited to attend Step-Up Day who (based on application materials):

    • have junior or senior year credit (minimum 10 credits)
    • have acceptable attendance history (no more than 10 days a semester unless there are extenuating circumstances
    • will be at least 16 years old by first day of school.

  • + What guidelines should high-school age applicants use?

    These clarifications are for students currently enrolled in CTE who wish to apply for a second year. If you believe that a second year at CTE will enhance your personal career opportunities and you have been successful in your current program, you are welcome to apply. The process is the same whether you wish to pursue a different program or advanced study in the same program. The sooner you get started on these steps, the better. Application forms are available in the CTE office.

    Give your current program instructor a “Teacher Information Form” (available in CTE office). Your teacher will complete this form and return it directly to the CTE Guidance Coordinator. Teachers are asked to comment on your likelihood for success, especially regarding:

    • Ability to set and work toward goals (initiative and reliability)
    • Attendance
    • Attitude, cooperation, peer courtesy and job readiness
    • Grades for current year
    • Ability to meet program competencies and state standards
    • Worker Traits

  • + What guidelines should adult applicants use?

    The Center for Technology, Essex (CTE) offers a strong selection of career preparation programs that are open to both high school students and adult learners. To encourage success in the program of interest for the adult applicant, prior career planning and academic assessments are requested. CTE works with the Department of Labor (DOL), Reach-Up and Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation to ensure that applicants are ready for the rigors of full-time technical school. Adults who are accepted into CTE programs will be required to attend school every day, Monday – Friday, from 9:40 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.; school is in session from late August/early September until early June each year. The best time to apply is between January and March for the following Fall, although you may have success with a summer application if there is still space in the program you are interested in.

    Adults without a high school diploma (including those with a GED) may enroll in daytime programs free of charge. Adults with a high school diploma may attend daytime programs on a space-available basis with a reduced tuition charge. Tuition for the school year 2011-2012 is $4,800.00 plus $85.00 for parking on campus.

  • + When will students be informed whether they were accepted for CTE program or not?

    April – admission decisions mailed to the CTE students that applied for a second year program.

    May – admission decisions mailed to the CTE students that applied for a first year program.

    July 1 – admission decisions mailed for adults with diploma (by May 30 for adults with a GED, no diploma, or diploma from another country).

  • + Do CTE classes transfer?

    Often CTE classes will transfer to a like program in a similar institution. We strongly recommend that if students are intending to transfer, they consult with the transfer institution to determine transferability of their courses prior to taking classes at CTE. Some CTE programs have state wide articulations in place which allow students to transfer classes within the state to participating 2 and 4 year intuitions.