Alumni Spotlight Student in College:             Nicole Dombi

alumni1Nicole Dombi attended both Computer Animation and Web Page Design 1 & 2 and graduated from South Burlington High School in 2011. During her two years attending Computer Animation and Web Page Design, Nikki received the CTE Outstanding Student of the Year Award, accumulated 18 college credits, was a National Technical Honor Society member, twice competed at the National SkillsUSA conference in Kansas City and interned at both St. Michael’s College and UVM.

Since graduating from high school, Nicole has been attending the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in their New Media Design and Imaging major.

This past summer Nicole worked for Nickelodeon in New York City as a Production Assistant for the Digital Games Team located in Times Square. During her time at Nickelodeon she go to work with the people designing Nickelodeon games for online, mobile phones, and At the end of the summer Nicole was told “… to keep in touch with both the games team and design team for a job in the future”. Great job Nicole!


Alumni Spotlight of Student in Workforce:      Adam Fehnel

alumni2Adam Fehnel was a Computer Animation and Web Design student in 2006. Since leaving Computer Animation and Web Page Design Adam attended the New England Institute of Art and earned his Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Design. After graduating from college Adam was hired as Web Designer / Developer for Putnam Investments in Boston, Ma.

“As a seventeen year old kid going into my senior year of high school I had no plans for my future and was preparing to only graduate high school. I did have one thing going for me, I chose to attend Computer Animation and Web Page Design my senior year. There I gained confidence, focus and determination to achieve something more for myself.

With Mr. Cronin and Mr. Herr’s help I turned my passion for technology and the web into a viable path for a successful career and meaningful life.

I learned that college wasn’t out of my reach and that I could continue down this path, hone my skills and become great and what I discovered I loved to do, make websites. After college I began to comprehend how lucky I was after being hired immediately in a failing economy where so many have struggled.

This week I’m buying a house in Boston and none of it would have happened without the guidance and leadership of my teachers at Computer Animation and Web Page Design at that pivotal moment in my life. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities I was given that year.”

Keep up the good work Adam!

Brian Nadeau : Engineering Architectural Design 2012-2013 Student of the year.


Picture yourself as the boss of your very own company. Now, think of the top five qualities that you would want your very best employee to have and write them down. I am pretty sure that the 2012-2013 CTE Engineering & Architectural Design student of the year, Brian Nadeau has every one of those qualities. I know that Brian is the type of employee that I would like to have and I am proud to have had him as a student for two years in my program. He always had a positive attitude, was excited to learn new skills, and never backed down from a learning challenge.

Brian was a student from Bolton and attended MMU. He was first exposed to engineering as a student in the pre-tech program where Mr. Sorenson saw his potential for the career field. In the Engineering & Architectural Design program students are exposed to different fields of the profession and learn Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.), free-hand sketching, and problem solving skills. Once he began to learn C.A.D. Brian never looked back and began to challenge himself with more and more difficult project choices.

During his senior year (2013-2014) Brian worked incredibly hard to make sure that he was ready for every opportunity that CTE has to offer. He was involved with the CTE Student Council as a program representative and began to show himself as a leader. He passed his professional certification (Certified SolidWorks Associate) exam with flying colors and went on compete in the Skills USA Vermont state competition. He won the Gold medal in Technical Drafting and represented Vermont at the Skills USA National Conference in Kansas City. As an engineering student Brian learned how to keep his cool under stressful conditions. This ability paid off in Kansas City as he had to deal with 100 degree heat, stiff competition from peers, and a grueling eight hour test. Brian made us all proud when he finished 10th in the nation in his category!

When you ask Brian to recount his last year at CTE he will proudly tell you about his work experience with a local manufacturer of underwater robotic vehicles: Greensea Systems. Brian worked with engineers at Greensea to develop and design a propeller that was used on one of their robot’s thruster units. He used C.A.D. to design five different props that were then tested in a water tank at the UVM Engineering labs. This was a tremendous experience but Brian took it one step farther when he used the experience as part of a presentation to a panel of judges at a competition run by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Brian won the competition and claimed a $1,000 cash prize.

Brian is currently a student at Vermont Technical College where he is doing very well and continuing his path towards an engineering degree.


Kathryn Maurer



March 24, 2014

Kathryn Maurer is an 18-year-old senior from Essex High School. She attends CTE in the Childhood Education and Human Services program. By all accounts Kathryn is a wonderful, hard working and focused young lady. Kathryn has recently been inducted into the National Honor Society at Essex High School and the National Technical Honor Society at CTE. Kathryn is a four-year member of the Red Cross Club at Essex High School for which she was elected President this year. She works as a figure skating instructor for the VT Skating Academy, teaching both young and adult students. In addition, Kathryn works as a CTE Cooperative Education student at Kids in Fitness in South Burlington and EJ’s Kids in Williston.

Kathryn’s future is bright! She plans on attending a university next fall to study Communication Disorders. She has not decided which school she will attend, but the list to choose from is impressive. Kathryn has been accepted to Seton Hall, Emerson, St. Michael’s, University of Vermont, Smith and UNH. Kathryn’s long-range goal is to earn a Masters in Science and work in elementary education with students who have communication disorders.

When asked why she chose CTE in her senior year Kathryn responded, “I was excited to come to the Childhood Ed program because the opportunities the program offers are very exciting. The program includes hands on practical experiences that allow me to make professional connections that will support my goals. I love working with little kids and this is what I do in the program.” She also said that “I was losing interest in sitting in typical high school classes because I had already met my graduation requirements, CTE was an exciting option.”I asked Kathryn if there was anything that surprised her about CTE and her experiences here this year. She responded, “Yes! I was very surprised at the support and care for my personal goals. Ms. Crucitti and Ms. Vera were extremely helpful trying to figure out ways to help me in efforts to personalize a plan. They also were very supportive through the college search process, making me feel I could achieve my goals and believing in me. I feel like at CTE the guidance counselors and teachers work hard for students.”